Meet animals from our region & around the world!

Bear Country

You’ll meet North American river otters and rescued brown bear brothers Tundra and Banks!

Nocturnal Building

Bats are BACK!

Meet creatures like a two-toed sloth, kinkajou, and large-spotted genet – just to name a few!

Primate Conservation Center

Take a trip into the rain forest at PCC where you’ll encounter ring-tailed lemurs, our cotton-top tamarin family, colobus monkeys, and callimicos!

Zoo Central

Meet a troop of monkeys, get nose-to-nose with a snapping turtle, and have up-close encounters with education ambassador animals in our Griggs Learning Center!

African Lion

Check out our African lion, Malkia – and learn more about their species!

Asian Caravan

Get a glimpse into the remote reaches of Asia’s dense forests and mountains and see two of the most endangered big cats on Earth plus other animals from this region!

Australia & Oceania

Explore the land down under and meet wallabies, kangaroos, reptiles, and exotic birds!


You’ll have the opportunity to experience a unique interaction with some of our farm friends including goats and sheep!

Prairie Dog Row

Hear a prairie dog’s call or check out one of the world’s largest owls!

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Zoo Map

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