The Lake Superior Zoo remains open and we are taking the proper precautions to protect staff, visitors, and volunteers from COVID-19. As an outdoor public venue that is similar to many places people visit in the course of daily life, these precautions will help us ensure the health of our visitors and community. We are […]

We Hear You, Duluth!

By Leah Budnik, Preschool Director Dear Families, I have wonderful news. The Zoo School is listening closely to feedback from our community. Our community needs child care! Specifically, families in our community need full day, full week child care, year round. The Zoo School is adapting to meet these needs. We have decided to create our own […]

Lillian's Lumpy Nose

by Zoo Veterinarian Dr. Louise Beyea Lake Superior Zoo Lead Keeper Emily Perala knows her lemurs. She’s the keeper who isprimarily responsible for the troop of charismatic, striped-tailed busy bodies in the Primate CareCenter. When Emily informed me about a bump on the nose of Lillian, a 5-year-old female lemur, shereminded me that Lillian’s father […]

Beakistry – The Art of Rebuilding a Bird's Beak

Nancy is a large laughing kookaburra. The laughing part of this species’ name is because of the raucous laughter-like sound they make as part of their vocal repertoire. Sometimes I can do my clumsy imitation of the kookaburra’s laugh and get Nancy to respond with her authentic call. Her laughing shouts are almost deafening! Nancy […]

A New Tiger – A New Blog

Hello zoo friends! I’m Dr. Louise Beyea, the contract veterinarian at the Lake Superior Zoo. My fingers have been getting “itchy” lately, so I’ve decided to put them to work on the computerkeyboard and tell you a few stories about the animals at the zoo, how our zoo fits into the bigpicture of zoos and […]

Construction & Cougars & Bears – oh my!

Welcome home (not so) little ones! As an accredited zoological facility, we put animals first – always. That’s why when two pairs of orphaned siblings lost their mothers in tragic accidents, we stepped in to ensure they had a place to call home. Without a mother to provide protection, food, and care, young animals have […]