4th-5th Grade

4th-5th Grade Programs

Animal Programs

Length: 30-45 minutes
Cost: $2.00 per student ($35 minimum) plus admission
Maximum: 40 students per program
Minnesota & Wisconsin State Science Standards

Animal programs are engaging, hands-on presentations that feature three live ambassador animals. Choose one of the topics below that best fits your learning.

  • Animals of Minnesota & Wisconsin – Connect with local wildlife and their cousins while learning how they adapt to our changing seasons.
  • Birds – Close encounters with birds provide a memorable experience to learn about bird adaptations and ecological concepts.
  • Endangered Species – Students will meet endangered animals and their relatives and learn how they can help save animals in the wild.
  • Rainforest Rescue – Students will learn about the diversity of the rainforest and the impact people have on the animals that call it home.
  • Zoo Jobs – Learn what it’s like to work at a zoo! Meet live animals as you explore the careers of zookeeper, animal trainer, educator and veterinarian.

Guided Zoo Tour

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $3.00 per student ($55 minimum) plus admission
Maximum: 45 students per tour (students will be divided into groups of 15)

Embark on a tour of the zoo with an experienced guide and learn the unique stories of our animals. Tour does not include Australia Building.

Behind-the-Scenes Program

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $4.00 per student ($60 minimum) plus admission
Maximum: 30 students

Animal Care – Students will learn how zookeepers care for the animals and what it takes to keep them healthy. Activities include peeking behind the scenes, preparing diets and meeting animals up close!


Groups receive a discount on general admission if they make a Group Reservation in advance.

For questions or more information contact:

Jessamy Schwartz
(218) 730-4500 ext. 205

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