Virtual Zoomobiles

Zoomobile programs are a fun, interactive way to introduce students to animals from the Lake Superior Zoo!

These programs are FREE OF CHARGE to all schools, families, and anyone who wants to learn about animals and nature! Each program includes a teacher guide with discussion questions and three worksheets that support the concepts in the 15-minute video. Programs are designed for grades K-5.

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Animals of Minnesota & Wisconsin

Learn how northern animals survive our changing seasons by either hibernating, migrating, or using their adaptations to stay active. Featuring a tiger salamander, American kestrel, and rabbit.

Discussion Questions
Winter Animals Worksheet
Camouflage Worksheet
Backyard Animals Worksheet

Nocturnal Animals

Learn about the adaptations of animals that are active at night and the important roles they play in their ecosystems. Featuring a screech owl, hedgehog, and fruit bat.

Discussion Questions
Day & Night Worksheet
Owl Worksheet
Bat Body Worksheet

Radical Reptiles

Learn about myths that cause reptiles to be misunderstood and unique characteristics that make them fascinating. Featuring a ball python, legless lizard, and box turtle.

Discussion Questions
Turtles & Tortoises Worksheet
Snakes Vs. Lizards Worksheet
Draw a Turtle Worksheet