The Lake Superior Zoo is delivered right to your front door with our new Zoo2You monthly subscription box!

Each month, you’ll receive a specially-curated box featuring one of our animal friends here at the Zoo. We created this box with distance learning in mind, knowing that the school year looks a lot different. With the Zoo2You box, your child will learn about a different species every month!

This subscription box is geared towards kids!

Wondering what’s included? Each month you’ll receive:
  • Animal keepsake
  • 3 educational activities
  • Animal fact sheet
  • 4 x 6 commemorative photo
  • Animal button
  • Access to an exclusive Virtual Keeper Chat + enrichment video
  • Special autographed note from one of our Zookeepers
  • Thank you letter from the animal
  • Monthly Subscription – $20/month
  • 6-Month Subscription – $95 (Save $25!)
  • 12-Month Subscription – $190 (Save $50!)

Choose to pay month-to-month, every six months or annually. With the holidays right around the corner, the Zoo2You box is the perfect gift for your distance learner!


  • November: African lions (lion fur)
  • December: Cougars (boomer ball keychain, Santa & Mrs. Clause Greeting)
  • January: Training Box/Otters (zookeeper clicker)
  • February: Alaskan brown bears (bear painting)
  • March: Grey wolves (wolf paw cast)
  • April: Tiger (claw mold)
  • May: Birds (miscellaneous feather)
  • June: Pallas’ Cat (fur)
  • July: Prehensile-tailed porcupine (quills)
  • August: Amphibians (watercolor painting by amphibian species at the Zoo)
  • September: Monkeys – Callimico or cotton-top tamarin (monkey painting)
  • October: Reptiles (shed from a reptile)
  • November: Sheep (yarn from wool fiber)
  • December: Turtles and tortoises (shell art)

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. Subscription renews as specified upon purchase until cancelled. No refunds.